PURPOSE: Graham Media, Inc. produces advertising in the form of "still-frame" photo ads and infomercials for display on a channel as designated by COMCAST CABLE, the franchised operator of the cable television serving the Memphis Designated Market Area (DMA) and CableONE, the franchised operator of the cable television serving the Clarksdale, Batesville, Marks and Lambert in Mississippi. The time period as designated by COMCAST CABLE and CableONE to be utilized by Graham Media, Inc. for the display of advertisements and infomercials is called the Community Information Network and hereafter referred to as CIN. The photo ads and/or infomercials shall hereafter be referred to as ADS. The following are the rules and regulations, which have been established to govern the CIN channel.

CHANNEL USE: CIN sells ADS on a first-come, first served, non-discriminatory basis (as to race, creed, color, sex, religion, or general content of programming). All CIN advertisers are required to sign a CIN Agreement form and provide payment in advance before any ADS are displayed on CIN. All ADS must conform to the program submission guidelines as set forth by Graham Media, Comcast Cable, and CableONE.

BUSINESS ADS: Any scene and/or dialogue which motivate people to a transaction or in any other way results in a financial gain or loss to the advertiser shall be considered a Business Ad. Any organization or individual operating as a business with a Federal or State tax number, including non-profit organizations, or individuals, who shall receive any financial gain or loss, including political candidates, shall be considered commercial and must pay the designated CIN standard business rate. All ads must be paid for in full before they will be aired.

COMMUNITY ADS and ANNOUNCEMENTS: Any ad or announcement, NOT defined by Graham Media's definition of Business Ads above, shall be considered a personal ad and subject to CIN's personal ad rate. All ads and announcements must be paid for in full before they will be aired.

PREEMPTIONS OR CHANGES IN SCHEDULE: Graham Media, Comcast Cable, and CableONE reserve the right to; 1) preempt a program from its regularly scheduled time and 2) alter or change the broadcast schedule. Graham Media will attempt to provide as much advanced notice as possible.

PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS: Payment is DUE IN ADVANCE, NO EXCEPTIONS. It is the responsibility of the client/agent to provide to Graham Media all copy, graphics, logos or other materials necessary to create client's ad(s). All materials must be furnished to Graham Media no later than 5 days prior to the START DATE listed on the CIN Advertising Agreement form. If client/agent fails to provide the materials necessary to complete the ad(s) 5 days prior to START DATE, Graham Media cannot be held responsible if ad(s) do not start on time and NO REFUND or CREDIT will be issued. However, if materials are furnished 5 days before START DATE and GRAHAM MEDIA fails to start ad(s) on the above listed START DATE, then Graham Media will adjust the scheduled END DATE to make up for the days missed.

COPYRIGHT: ADS submitted to Graham Media for airing on CIN must meet all legal requirements of copyright laws, such as clearance with publishers and various composers, artists or agents. The advertiser assumes all responsibility for materials submitted to Graham Media.

MATERIALS SUBMITTED BY ADVERTISER, AGENCY or INDIVIDUAL: All physical and digital materials, including photographs, digital images, videotapes, cd-roms, audio tapes, digital files or other materials submitted to CIN become the property of Graham Media and WILL NOT be returned to customer. The advertiser, agency or individual is in NO way transferring ownership of the images, sounds or content of the materials. Graham Media will not use any submitted material for any purpose other than display on CIN unless specifically given permission, in writing, by the owner of the material.

TALENT RELEASES: Producers of ADS submitted to Graham Media for air on the CIN channel are responsible for obtaining releases from individuals or groups who appear in the ADS.

LOTTERY: CIN shall not be used to present any information, which directly or indirectly concerns a lottery. Lottery is defined as any device, scheme, plan, promotion, contest or other program and/or presentation, which is, has been, or may be declared a lottery under local, state or federal law.

OBSCENE PROGRAMS OR INDECENT MATTER: CIN shall not be used to present any obscene or indecent matter. Obscene programming is not constitutionally protected speech and is prohibited by State and Federal law. Examples of constitutionally unprotected speech are as follows: Depicts real or simulated sexual acts, Contains representations or descriptions of excretory functions, Contains nudity or exhibition of genitals, Contains excessive violence, Contains excessive adult language, Contains other material suitable only for an adult audience and unsuitable for children.

POLITICAL CANDIDATES: Legally qualified candidates for political office shall pay CIN's standard business rates and are subject to the same rules and guidelines. A legally qualified candidate is any person who has publicly announced that he/she is a candidate for nomination by a convention of a political party, or for nomination or election in a primary, special or general election, and who meets the qualifications described by the applicable laws to hold office for which he/she is a candidate so that he/she may be voted for by the electorate directly or by means of delegates or electors and who: *Has qualified for a place on the ballot; or *Is eligible under the applicable law to be voted for by sticker, by writing his/her name on the ballot or other method and 1) has been duly nominated by a political party which is commonly known or regarded as such, 2) makes a substantial showing that he/she is a bonafide candidate for nomination of office or *Has filed as a candidate for a political office. Payment is DUE IN ADVANCE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

INDEMNIFICATIONS: Graham Media, Comcast Cable and CableONE in no way endorse any product or service advertised on CIN and accepts no responsibility or liability for any claims or legal actions brought against advertisers as a result of the ADS airing on the CIN channel. All advertisers agree to hold harmless Graham Media, Inc., Comcast Cable, and CableONE; including any subsidiaries, subcontractors, employees, directors or agents of these companies.